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Someone once described Me as a creative manifestor, I like that, it sounds good. Many projects are always in the works. Watchmaking to date has been the most rewarding. Naturally a finished product is important but the process involved is a real kick too !.


I am a Independent Watchmaker selling and servicing modern and vintage timepieces. I am a Honors graduate of the A.A.S Horology Technology program at Texas Institute of Jewelry Technology at Paris Junior College in Paris, Texas. I operated my own watch sales and repair business before joining the faculty at my alma mater of TIJT in 1991 as Instructor of Horology. I served in that capacity for 27 years. My main interests are vintage timepieces and designing and fabricating watch cases and watch parts. I served as director of the Research and Education Council of AWCI and was elected as an officer to the board of directors of the AWCI. I attended the WOSTEP Train the Trainers program in Neuchatel, Switzerland, I'm a member of the NAWCC and a Charter member of "The Chronometer Club". I'm a year round Scuba Diver, Musician, amateur Astronomer and collector of prehistoric artifacts. I also have 2 workshops for different types of Fine Watch Repair Services. That includes electronic timing and cleaning machines as well as large and small metric lathes, polishing and forging equipment,

Vintage parts that are unavailable can be custom made to bring your watch back to life.



"In a Since Collection "



Calling fashion wearable is the kiss of death !


Original designs unique in composition and exotic materials.

Hand fashioned in Paladium Titanium Niobium Silver
Gold and Leather with Diamonds
23 Jewel Automatic/Calendar Movement
Also available with Quartz ~ $ P.O.R.
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All Designs are Copyrighted and Trademarked

Very sleek yet strong

Sometimes its nice to keep it simple.
Say...with Titanium and Black Alligator.
This model is fitted with a deployment buckle for a perfect fit.
A oxide grey Niobium dial fired at over 4000 degrees F, and cab crown. Mechanical time only or Automatic/Calendar movements.
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View a new Prototype Dial




Some of the other projects in the works involve Jewelry and Metal Sculptures.

Both are unconventional...and yet, they work so well together.

Yea...I make jewelry also

Titanium and Silver Wings Necklace

Shown on a life size copper mesh body cast. This form

truly comes to life when spot lighted as it casts

what appear to be 3 dimentional shadows.

Hypnotic and Mesmerizing.......



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These are Great...Check 'em out !



Lately I have taken to making Knives.
It's hard on the hands but I like the end result.

Shadow Karambit Shadow Karambit


Looking for Dinosaurs

is just too neat !

Check out our fossil page


Looking for things underwater is even better !
I love to Scuba dive.

Texas Swamp Divers ~ Scuba with Frank & Laura Scuba with Frank & Laura



During the day I spend a lot of time

looking through a 10X loop to see watch parts up close

At night I look through a 10 inch reflector telescope to

see large things a long long long way away

Most Galaxys look smaller then watch parts !!

Keep Looking Up !!

Keep Looking Up



Without a doubt My longest running way to enjoy time's passage has to be playing musical instruments.
Right now the Gibson Mastertone Banjo gets the nod most of the time.

 Frank Poye at Manik Stock 2013  Frank Poye



Of course...the most enjoyable time is spent in the company of Laura. She's my very best friend, my favorite Scuba Diving Buddy and Fossil Hunting Companion and she also happens to be married to Me.
Life is Good



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