Some of my gear~ vintage and new :
1978 Blond Maple Gibson S1 W/ AudioTechnica wireless transmitter - 1978 Ovation Balladeer 1111 acoustic - 1989 Gibson RB-250 Banjo.- 1973 Fender Princeton Reverb 15 watt tube amp - 1979 Lab Series L5 100 watt solid state amp - 1996 DiGiTech RP-1 signal and effects processor - OSP DL-320 voice and OSP DL-330 instrument microphones. Not shown are my solid Mahogany 1963 Gibson Melody Maker Electric Guitar, a 1967 Roth Violin and a Mandolin I have had for years and still can't identify and several Harmonicas.

I recently went to work on my Lab Series L5 Amp. It had not been touched inside since I bought it in 1979. That's when BB King bought his and he has used one ever since. I pulled the chassis out of it and cleaned the pots and so forth and then set to work bringing my little 1973 Fender Princeton Reverb back to life. I did some electrical fixes. Some solder joints had come loose on it and I found a vintage speaker to put in it that was true to the model. I have not used it in 25 years. It was like Dr. Frankenstein or something hearing that old reverb tube hiss and Vibrato again. It was my first guitar amp. I bought it used in 1976 for $25.00 and also bought a '66 Chevy Super Sport from the same guy for $100.00 . Neither one worked. I put a 25 cent fuse in the amp and that fixed it. I put gas in the Chevy and reconnected a distributor wire and it fired up. I drove it for 3 years... I wish I still had The Queen. The two amps stack nicely and work pretty well to seperately amplify voice and instruments. The Little Fender is perfect to use when I play Harmonica. It has the Vibrato and Intensity feature that when used with the Reverb will really give a Blues Harp Honk

This is a Pedal Board I custom made for outboard effects. It works nice to keep everything in one place. The little red box is a mixer that I designed and built from scratch with 4 switchable inputs and one output. The mixer handles what goes into my preamp. Since I play different instruments at different times it helps keep from having to plug in and unplug instruments all the time. Just flip the switches and play. The RP-1 takes care of the signal processing and programs. The wireless receiver handles whatever instrument I don't want to have a cord on ( usually the Acoustic Guitar ). The Korg tuner can be run inline to check whatever instrument is plugged in.
Also.... here is a photo of "Good Company" playing on the Square in Paris, Texas.